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I have been trying to get off my lazy duff and start writing some blog posts, but I have been blaming it on work and too many kids.  A few days ago, I met a fellow who blogs AND has a YouTube channel with 5 kids!!  I knew then that the problem was with me so here goes…

Recently my Wife and I found out that cholesterol in food only comes from animal products.  This makes sense since animals have a liver and plants don’t. Since our family switched to a mostly plants based diet, we decided to give ourselves a litmus test while grocery shopping.  First, a little backstory.  We had originally been vegan for a few years but had to incorporate animal products back into our diet in order for my wife to give birth at home.  It was a pesky ‘low iron’ issue.  When we first returned to eating healthy in January, we already had a lot of foods that we had determined were vegan through personal research and experience.  We had never looked at cholesterol, however.  Last weekend, when we went shopping, we decided to put the information to the test. We were pleased to learn that nothing we buy has cholesterol!  That was a huge relief for us, because we know that the food industry will market products to appear to be vegan even when they contain milk and eggs.  On a side note, we don’t trust any big business or industry that is trying to turn a profit.

As we were walking through the store, I saw a lady giving out samples of some ‘healthy’ cookies next to a display of Oreos.  I joked with her saying, “I wish you were giving out samples of those!”  She replied with, “These are better.”  I picked up her cookies and sure enough, there was 25mg of cholesterol per serving and in the ingredients, there was milk and eggs.  I looked at the back of the Oreos package…Oreos are accidentally vegan…and it had ZERO cholesterol!  Now I am not saying that Oreos are good for you, or healthy, but in terms of artery-clogging-cholesterol I know which one I would be choosing.

If you are vegan, transitioning to a vegan diet, or plan to be vegan in the near future, this information could prove to be a nice check for you the next time you want to buy something.  Don’t trust what is on the front of your food package; read the food label on the back!!  If you found this information helpful, or if you have suggestions for other topics you would like to hear more about, then please leave a comment.

Here are some links to an article with more information on cholesterol, and an excerpt from the article about going vegan:

Go Vegan to reduce your cholesterol and heart disease risk

diet to lower cholesterol based on plant foods—grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits—is the best way to keep saturated fat intake low and to avoid cholesterol completely. A vegan diet is free of all animal products and yields the lowest risk of heart disease.