So, my family and I went (mostly) vegan again!

From the desk of the MRS…

I was already planning on getting back to eating better, but then I watched “What the Health?,” this amazing documentary that reminded me of all the reasons I went vegan in the first place. The WHO, World Health Organization, actually listed processed meats and red meats as cancer-causing agents! I knew that eating meat wasn’t the best thing for me, I learned that the first time I went vegan, but I really didn’t think it was THAT bad. It is! I mean, make your own decisions, but it is!

So, if it’s so bad why would I go back to eating that way in the first place you ask. For a very good reason actually. I now live in Oregon, but before moving here my husband and I lived in Arizona. When we lived in Arizona the circumstances of our insurance were such that we could only give birth in the hospital. When we moved to Oregon, 6 months pregnant with our 3rd child, the circumstances of our insurance changed, and for the first time we were able to give birth at a birthing center, with midwives, and have it be covered. Well, it turns out that at least in Oregon, you have to have a certain Fe level to be considered safe to give birth out of the hospital. I am a small woman, I normally circulate a lower level of Fe, and I was finding it hard to boost my iron levels. I really wanted to give birth out of the hospital, my first two births in the hospital weren’t to my preference and I wanted to try another way. To that end, my midwives eventually convinced me to start eating meat again so I could have the birth I wanted. I was a baby vegan and thought I was still learning how to get all the nutrients my body needed, so I headed the advice of my medical professionals. I don’t regret it; it worked. My iron levels soared and I was cleared to give birth at the center. The irony of the situation is that I didn’t even get to! I went into labor at home and ended up giving birth in my dining room while clutching the table, but that’s a story for another time!

So, my family took the plunge with me, and to finish out that pregnancy, and through the next, we were naughty little meat eaters. Our youngest recently turned 1, and we weaned and I decided that now would be a good time to get back to eating better. Since I was getting back to eating better I didn’t have to ignore all the health documentaries I got to enjoy when I was vegan and that’s how I stumbled onto “What the Health?” Holy shit is that a good one. The whole family watched it together, so it was no problem taking the kids with us. Even the 6yo was talking about how he didn’t want to keep eating cancer.

It’s been good. We already had a ton of go-to recipes to fall back on and we’re finding new ones every week. Living in Oregon it’s surprisingly harder to get constant reliable produce. In Arizona, there was this produce wholesaler that had produce, regular and organic, for sale by the case every week. It was open to the public and the produce was really, really good. It really spoiled us. We still have yet to find something like that here in Oregon; if any of you know of a place please leave a comment and let us know. We tried a CSA, community-supported agriculture. They’re all different, but essentially they’re all a way to get straight-from-the-farm produce. The one we joined sucked. The produce was really bad week after week (we tried 3 weeks),  and when I finally complained about it I was basically told to suck it up. That was after weeks of sloughing through the available CSAs to find this crappy one, so needless to say I’m not hurrying to do that again.

This time we’re going mostly vegan. We use honey, which we did last time, and to a lot of vegans that would have disqualified us already, and we eat sushi from time to time. If you’re vegan and live in Oregon, let me know where you get your produce. If you don’t live here, link a recipe for me to try. If you’re not vegan, let me know if you ever tried it, and if not, why?


The WHO Q&A on carcinogenicity:

What the Health documentary: