So, the Mrs. is a football fan y’all…

From the desk of the MRS…


Not just a football fan, but an Eagles fan! I have been flying high (haha) this entire week. I have
been wearing my McNabb jersey everyday! I know he didn’t play, but so! He should have gotten
a ring when he faced off against Brady the first time! But this isn’t about him… this is about me!
Me, and how happy I am that my team won the Superbowl!
Seriously though, I am so incredibly happy. After the game I got on and ordered a shirt, a dress and even a little charm bracelet.

Thank-you, Eagles! You did this super-fan proud!


Update: My charm bracelet almost certainly came with blessings! It was infused with something called positive energy technology: Wow! Way to make me feel even better about my team win!